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online stores for women ?The Free Dictionary Language Forums But I dont think I must. And, at the same time, both corporations pay their Russian employees less than their US and EU colleagues. I can imagine plenty of businesses finding a gold mine in Russia and not bothering about fair

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Published: Tuesday 29 October, 2013

online stores for women online stores for women ?The Free Dictionary Language Forums

But I dont think I must. And, at the same time, both corporations pay their Russian employees less than their US and EU colleagues. I can imagine plenty of businesses finding a gold mine in Russia and not bothering about fair treatment. Well, do you know what can happen then? Here is an example: someone didnt like PM Putin demanding foreign investors to give some cash to AutoVAZ. Well, have anyone been fair to its Russian employees?By the way, yes, I have worked with translation customers who practise fair treatment. Very much appreciate it, THANK YOU!Maxim Buyakov

Jyrkk J wrote:Then, how much would be appropriate?

Well, I remember how much I paid to the Russian Consulate in Osaka, Japan, for a onepage translation of a car title shaken in Japanese. Could it be even significantly higher?Now, I think these customers pay USD 30 at most to their translation service provider company in Russia. Thats USD 3.70 per hour. Ok, the big mac is cheaper in Russia USD 2.50? than in US 3.50?. But even after the big mac index correction, the salary level in Russia would hardly reach USD 5.10 per hour. Meanwhile, in the US the minimum hourly rate is more than USD 6.00 per hour, I believe. Would someone tell, please?Now, online stores for women speaking of living expenses in Moscow, McDonald is one rare exception from the rule that most things cost more than in US especially after the big mac indexing. Basically, it says that the prices are ordered or set by supply and demand. If you set the prices too high, then there is not going to be enough demand. If production cost is low enough to allow profit, that price has to meet the demand. Same with wages. If you pay too low you may not have anyone willing to work for you. If you pay too high, you will will have lots of people interested in the jobs your company offersbut why would you want to take from your profit and just give it away for no reason? especially, if that will cause you to be insolvent financially. The reason there is a minimum wage set in US is because there are enough people who are willing to work for less. A government in any country can set a minimum wage but there are consequences too high of a mimimum wage may mean fewer businessweaker economy, less taxes, which leads to higher unemployment, less jobs, which means that people are going to be willing to work for EVEN less money, not to say, that the standard of living will fall. Etc., etc.

Dear svetok,Thank you for supporting this discussion. Just look what goes on in this world. You wrote, there are enough people who are willing to work for less. And your point is.? Thats exactly what we need in Russia! You then explain, how bad it is to earn guaranteed 7 dollars or more per hour. In a word, your explanation could be restated as inflation. But, as far as I know, inflation has been low in USA but it is high in Russia. Can you bring up any figures? I doubt so. Thats why I studied the cases in which one c online stores for women an watch the figures with a naked eye like the lines of customers at McDonalds or at IKEA. Thats what I started with. Russian translators: Demand better!Maxim Buyakov

The problem is in the lower living standards and salary levels in Russia compared to Western countries as well as with relatively low business activities between Russia and other countries. Many investors dont view Russia as a country with stable economy and politics. what is called price dumping and they do it because they are forced they have families to feed. If all the translators agreed on one price and ALL of them stuck to it then the employers will be forced to comply. Even in this case the employers can turn to other countries with even lower living standards of former USSR where Russian is widely spoken and even official and it is not a hard thing to do in the era of Internet technologies widely available. This is what happened here in Canada, many translators lost jobs and contracts because it is cheaper to have it done in Russia. I wouldnt work for less than 10c a word and there are some who charge a minimum of 15 or 20c per word, it depends on your experienc online stores for women e, qualifications, area of specialization and certificates. I cant work for less than 10c/word because otherwise an office support job is a much more stable option.

edintoronto wrote:The problem is in the lower living standards and salary levels in Russia compared to Western countries . On the other side are the rocket scientists I was a rocket science student, by the way. They are people who totally lack any dignity and get miserable income, but are genii otherwise. The remuneration of translators often comes very near to what I would call modern times slavery. No wonder that most of the freelance translators I know either have no family or a partner with a very good job. There are hardly to see freelance translators who earn the entire family income from their translation activities alone. No comparison to the EnglishFrench pair, for instance. And products are sold in Russia at the highest premium in the world. And thats while they have such performance boosters as speech to text and, perhaps, quite helpful machine translators robots at work!!. Western economies are generally capitalistic in a sense of the bottomup economy the most of the wealth is created at the bottom and then is consolidated all the way up to the national budget. The Russian economy works in the opposite direction. Most of the country real wealth is created on the national level from export of oil and other natural resources and then is distributed around to the very unproductive population. Top level bureaucrats who are close to the well are extremely wealthy, as the distance between the well and the recipient increases the income drops dramatically. That is basically the Russian economy in a nutshell. Talking about supply and demand or other laws of the free market in those conditions does not make much sense. Russian translators are paid just enough to support themselves and are not likely to command higher rates any time soon. Sorry

1. I just brought examples above that Russians are more productive than their EU and US counterparts standing at a counter. There are slow cashiers in Russia, too, but lets say we have a tie here.2. Russian translators are quite a match in productiveness to their EU and US counterparts, in my experience. I managed various projects including those not involving the Russian language.3. I observed many totally unproductive US employees. In USA, I worked nextdoor to a Personal Assistant to a Senior VP in a prominent company. That PA did not know how to print an MS document. Once I was looking for a clerk in a company and asked someone where that clerk was located. The reply was: go , and you will see a lady playing solitaire. I went there and sure enough found a lady doing just that. Its still a mystery for me what was her job description.4. I really dont know what UK produces. USA makes great cars, aircraft, spacecraft etc., but for the UK I really dont know anything. Except for the financial services, perhaps, but that is highly concentrated at the top and is distributed fromtop to bottom. I am trying to make parallel to the Russian oil wealth. Well, I do suspect more fair distribution mechanisms in UK than in Russia, and that echoes to every citizen, including translators. Basically, its the law system that keeps things fair in the West. 5. You talk like Russia doesnt produce anything except resource exports, which is simply not true. It may not export much beyond resources, but it still produces goods for internal consumption unlike the West that outsourced everything to China. stocks are in the hands of 1 percent of the people.

If we are going to entertain economic theories in explaining the costs of Russian translation or interpreting services, we then have to consider supply and demand. With the recent waves of Russian immigration to the United States in the spanning pre world war 1 and post soviet union, we have found communities in NYC, Chicago, Boston flourish with a new found diversity, with many being first at most second generation Russian Americans now there is a HIGH DEMAND for Russian Translators and Interpreters, with a very minute supply of certified English Russian interpreters . hmmmm think OIL here guys. Russian Translation Services should be at a premium right now . 70 to 80 dollars per page limited to 400 words. whats your take ? online stores for women