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Published: Saturday 17 August, 2013

dress shopping online dress shopping online ?Limit Greenhouse Gas Emissions After the Kyoto Protocol

The whole premise of the US News report seems based on the false political premise that manmade CO2 is causing global warming now called climate change because earth has cooled fo dress shopping online r the past decade. Given the importance of this issue to the future of our economy and our free enterprise culture that is the only economic system capable of feeding the world is seems dishonest for the magazine to not start their report by making the scientific case not political consensus that science proves man can and is changing earths climate. They also make a case for the benefits of increased CO2, a building block of life, which increases food growth as world population increases.

This said, earths temperature IS changing as it always has. Please read the NASA report Oct 2000, Earths Fidgeting Climate and you will see that over 400M of the past 600M years the earths average temperature has cycled between a high band, MODE, most often, temperature of 72 degrees F and its infrequent low band of 52 degrees F. Earths temp has dipped to 52 F only three times over the past 600M years and then only briefly. We humans are now living in a low average temperature period of about 54 F, it being some 10M years or so since the 5 dress shopping online 2 F bottom. Earth has been warming for millions of years and will continue to warm most likely as earth returns to its mode temperature average of 72F. A chart is available at the NASA site. In parallel Yale University has released a study of CO2 PPM on earth over these same 600M years that shows that CO2 PPM was some 7,000 PPM 600M years ago and has dipped and climbed and dipped until today the CO2 is now about 380 PPM. In no case did CO2 PPM change as a ratio of CO2 change. The NASA and Yale graphs are easy to find on the web see Christopher Monckton of Brenchley for a graph of CO2 levels and NASA temperature plots on the same graph.

Earths heat is derived from the sun. Earths temperature is controlled by its orbit around the sun, axis tilt wobble, its increasing diameter expanding from original 2000 miles to todays 8,000 mi. diameter. Main factors controlling earths temperature are the interaction of cosmic rays with the earths water vapor the 97% GHG CO2 being

For many years the US led unchecked the world in environmental pollution. We can no longer afford to bow out of our responsibility to sign the treaty, even if not all countries will. Its true today too. The US leads in the per capita pollution contribution. Once can keep hiding their heads in the sand and claim its not real or understand the trillions of dollars tied not o dress shopping online nly to global warming but to the illnesses caused to our own airways be it asthma or other ill health links. We must stop reading the scientific reports born out of the oil industries. One only need to have flown in the sixties and looked down at the earth which was then hazy with gases only around the major cities as compared to now when you fly and look down you can see the gaseous haze covering the globe. When you can see it, smell it and yes even taste it. Its real and we did it and we have to try and undo it if we have any respect left for ourselves or our children.

The US should not sign a binding treaty because there is no proof that CO2 has any significant effect on climate change, and there is plenty of scientific evidence that it does not. Plans to curb CO2 emissions by up to 80 percent would destroy the world economy, and send human kind back towards the stone age. CO2 is not a pollutant, and has not been harmful to plants, animals, insects, or people in the historical past when levels were much higher than projected by the current computer schemes.

Measurements show there has been no global warming for the last 10 years, and rapid cooling for the last 2 at a rate of 10 degrees F per century. Since CO2 has been rising for all of this time, its obvious that something stronger is controlling climate change.

The sea level has not risen significantly for the last 50 years. Gore predicted that the sea level would increase 20 feet 240 inches this century. If he were right the sea level should have risen 19 inches by now!

It would be folly to sign such a treaty without a truly public scientific debate.

I am so sick of the Green movement and the hoax of global warming or climate change and head cheerleader Al Gore. It is just another way for the government to get more money from the population. Carbon credits what a scam the way this country is going in relation to energy is a crime. We cant drill for oil and develope our own sources of energy is a fifth column tactic of the left and dare I say socialist/communists to bring this country to its knees. The powers to be have no idea of how much rage is out in the country regarding this situation and how things are being handled. No refineries have been built in 30 years, cant develop nuclear energy, hydro is under attack, wind mills and solar at the present time is not viable as a wide apread energy supply. Some where down the line in a Star Trek world we will solve the energy problem at present we have to go with what we have. in particular. This is not a level playing field and the undeveloped world is given a pass. has been screwed with the trade policies No to this new way of causeing pain to the country and its citizens.

I believe we should sign a binding treaty limiting greenhousegas emissions. All nations should be included; otherwise they, and their businesses and individuals, will not shoulder their share of the burden. We should not, however, seek to impose far more stringent percapita limits on other nations than we accept for ourselves.

While global warming is reason enough to undertake emission reductions, the depletion of energy and food sources and the pollution of our environment are added reasons. dress shopping online