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designer shop online ?Snowden responds to critics well, this is one of the options thats always been open to, to go to the unhcr and register as a refugee here. this place was rife with rumors all this afternoon g designer shop online oing round legal circles saying that he

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online stores for women ?The Free Dictionary Language Forums But I dont think I must. And, at the same time, both corporations pay their Russian employees less than their US and EU colleagues. I can imagine plenty of businesses finding a gold mine in Russia and not bothering about fair

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shopping outlet online ?Microsoft launches new Office SEATTLE launched its new Office software on Tuesday, featuring constantly updated, online access to documents from a range of devices as the world largest software company attempts to tailor its most profitable product to a mobile generation. The new Office suite of applications desktop

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womens online store ?Europe credit ratings slashed Standard Poors swept debtridden Europe with punishing credit downgrades yesterday, stripping France of its coveted AAA status and dropping Italy even lower. Germany retain womens online store ed its topnotch rating, but Portugals debt was consigned to junk. In all, S which last year

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designer clothes online shopping ?stocks falls as investors await European Central Bank meeting stocks fell, after the Standard Poor 500 Index jumped the most in a month, as investors awaited a European Central Bank policy meeting tomorrow, offsetting corporate earnings that beat analysts estimates. a yoyo market, Tom Wirth, who helps

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online shopping stores ?Asia stocks jump as US budget deal appears near lawmakers edged toward a deal to stop hundreds of billions of dollars in automatic tax increases and spending cuts from taking effect that could throw the world biggest economy off a socalled fiscal cliff. Senate passed an emergency

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bench outlet ?Euro zone deal lifts stocks Twentysix of the 27 European Union leaders on Friday agreed to pursue stricter budget rules for the single currency area and also to have euro zone states and others provide up to 200 billion euros in bilateral loans to bench outlet the

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outlet metzingen ?Tanzania building collapse death toll rises to 30 The death toll from the collapse last week of a building in Tanzanias largest city rose to 30 early today, according to a government agency statement. Rescue workers have given up hope of finding more survivors after the 16storey building in

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cheapest online shopping ?Molina Healthcare Selected to Preliminary Russell 3000 Index Molina Healthcare, Inc. NYSE NYSE See: New York Stock Exchange : MOH See modem on hold. announced today that it has been selected to be included in the preliminary list of companies that will join the Russell 3000R Index.

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Published: Thursday 01 August, 2013

north face outlet north face outlet ?Atheists Want God Stricken From Inaugural Oath

WASHINGTON Presidentelect Barack Obama wants to conclude his inaugural oath with the words so help me God, but a group of atheists is asking a federal judge to stop him.

California atheist Michael Newdow sued Chief Justice John Roberts in federal court for an injunction barring the use of those words in the inaugural oath.

Newdow, who lost a Supreme Court battle to get the words under God taken out of the Pledge of Allegiance, has failed in similar challenges to the use of religious words and prayers at President George W. Bushs inaugurations.

Roberts attorney Jeffrey P. Minear filed a document in Newdows lawsuit saying that Obama wants the words so help me God included in his oath of office.

The Justice Department and attorneys general from all 50 states have filed motions at the federal court asking for the lawsuit to be thrown out.

The oath dictated by the Constitution is 35 words long and reads: I do solemnly swear or affirm that I will faithfully execute the office of president of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.

The National Archives says that George Washington added the words so help me God when he took the oath at his 1789 inaugural, and most presidents have used it since. However, some have argued that the first eyewitness account of a president using those words came at President Chester Arthurs inauguration in 1881.

Named in Newdows lawsuit are Roberts; Sen. Dianne Feinstein, DCalif.; and the two pastors invited to the event, the Rev. Rick Warren and the Rev. Joseph Lowery. District Judge Reggie B. Walton will hear arguments on Thursday.

PART 5 Last Atheists or anyone for that matter should never avoid analyzing anything, and that it is deemed sacred should make it no exception to the rule. Nor should anyone consider this a form of disrespect: if what is believed is truly sacred, then it ought to hold up to analysis. More than likely, however, inquiry is taught to be a form of disrespect, since the beliefs will not hold up. I cannot think of another explanation for why we can analyze or even criticize everything else in life, from politics to art, without the slightest offense, but religion has special privileges. While I only speak for my north face outlet self and my own views, I am almost certain that most atheists who have thought their convictions out will share my views, especially as the ones with whom I do share friendships and with whom I do associate otherwise have already demonstrated they do.

PART 4 It is for this reason that I do not include faith as a virtue. Since when is accepting something without any evidence a virtue? If you truly have faith that faith is a virtue, then send me $100 and have faith that I will do what is right with it. north face outlet I doubt any of you will though I would do right with your money. In human relationships, it takes time to build trust because trust requires actual experience. But, because a/some supernatural read: fictional entity/ies are perfect since they exist only in the imagination, we ought to forgo all of the virtues above in light of faith: after all, the thing I imagine is perfect despite the numerous examples of its imperfections in the literature cited, so you ought to believe in it. Not to long after this faith as a virtue dogma hits the streets, justifications and entitlements for acting immorally and without virtue in the senses I explained above are quick to follow. People who do not share the faith, who disrespect a pseudovirtue fall victim to those who see this as grounds for disrespecting genuine virtues under a sadly distorted eyeforaneye mentality. It is for this reason that I do not want faith included in governmental rhetoric, which I believe, as I imagine everyone else does, should be representative of the morality and virtues I mention here.

PART 3 Part of my morality includes accepting homosexuals as regular normal people, unlike the thumper above and unlike those who can only go as far to tolerate them. The reason for this is simple, homosexuality has no impact on what is best for life, so thus it is free of any moral stigma. I also accept people of all religions, though I do not partake in their ideas. But, what I do not accept is a lack of empathy, introspection, curiosity, humility, participation and prudence, and I do not find religion an adequate excuse to exempt anyone from these criteria. I consider each of these a virtue in and of themselves. I am sure there are more virtues which could be listed and I by no means consider this list exhaustive, but I do think that these virtues are what religion often tends to impede: it is difficult to empathize or engage in selfanalysis when you believe a piece of folklore justifies your way of life; it is difficult to be curious, to search for proven answers when a piece of folklore explains everything for you; it is difficult to be humble when a piece of folklore entitles your actions based on unproven answers; it is difficult to engage oneself, to participate when a piece of folklore stating a better life awaits you withers all motivations; and, it is difficult to be prudent without all of the above.

PART 1 I am an atheist. I am not toting this like a selfentitled expletive, just informing you I have no ulterior motives. This does not mean I do not believe in God; this means that I am 99.999% sure there are no super north face outlet natural powers, God included. However, that does not make me immoral, nor does it even make me care one way or another that you may or may not believe in a god or multiple gods. I do have morals, and they do not originate in religion or spirituality. Nor am I a relativist. Indeed, if I were to sum up my morality, it would be: Do whatever is best to maintain and improve the quality of all life throughout time and space. The reason for this is simple: if I am living and I understand how fundamentally intertwined all living organisms and even the nonliving environment upon which they rely are, then I have no choice but to adhere to such morality.

I have no problem with Obama adding these words. I think its productive that someone swearing an oath does so to whatever he/she feels is the source of their morals. And so long as those morals include upholding the constitution for all Americans, go for it. Oaths need to have meaning to the person taking the oath far more than have meaning to everyone else.

The first amendment states that government should not pass any laws establishing religion. Establishing no religion is no different because Atheism is as much a faith as any religion. There is absolutely no evidence to the existence or nonexistence of an afterlife or higher beings of any kind. Therefore any judgment calls about the nature of such things including their nonexistence are judgments based on faith.

My main problem with Atheists who state their beliefs are based on no evidence to the existence of God is like saying Dinosaurs didnt exist until humans created the means in which to discover fossils. Or that Galaxies didnt exist until humans started using telescopes. The only true logical and rational position is that of the agnostic, and that of the one who allows others to follow their own faiths, so long as their faiths dont impede on others. Saying the words so help me God does not impede anyones ability to follow their own beliefs. Preventing someone else from saying those words does. Therefore Mr. Newdow is most certainly the unethical person in this scenario. north face outlet