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Published: Thursday 12 September, 2013

miss sixty outlet miss sixty outlet ?Numbers 10 to 12 in the Bible

So many times, we like to think of the ancient Israelites like we think of characters in a play. In the Bible book of Numbers, the Israelites wander in the desert, they complain, God sends some more plagues, etc. Do we really try to think about what it would have been like to actually be an Israelite in ancient Israel? When I try to put myself in their shoes, I get a lot more out of the book.

We live in some interesting times, as the old Chinese curse would say. The economy is falling apart, and times are rough. We could learn a little something about how to live in rough times from the ancient Israelites. I hope that you find these articles useful.

In Numbers 10, the Israelites had escaped from Egypt, and were out in the desert. They hadnt reached the promised lan miss sixty outlet d yet, but they hadnt spied out the land and told God they were too afraid of going into the promised land yet. They were wandering around in the desert, following a cloud.

A lot of us have problems being told what to do. Imagine what it must have like to have been an ancient Israelite. They were born into slavery. Moses rescues them, and that must have made them excited, but then they were stuck out in the middle of the desert. They had to follow this cloud around all the time. They didnt know what they were going to do the next day. They woke up every day with uncertainty about what the day was going to bring. Was this the day that the cloud was going to move? Were they going to stay put? They didnt know whether they were going to stay two years, or even two days, in one location.

I like some sort of stability in my life. I like to wake up and have some idea of what the day would bring. The Israelites had none of that. They couldnt run off and do their own thing either. To leave the camp would have meant leaving Gods protection, and would have led to certain death out in the harsh desert.

A Christians life is a lot like that. God sometimes asks us to do things that we might not like to do. Sometimes Gods will leads to an uncertain period of time in our lives. Sometimes God asks us to leave our comfort zone. While not following Gods will doesnt usually lead to certain death like it would have in ancient Israel, it could take us away from Gods protection.

We live in an uncertain world with an uncertain economy. We dont know what the next market report will bring us, or what the next spending package might do. We have to keep on following God miss sixty outlet no matter what the circumstance, just like the ancient Israelites.

In Numbers 10:29, we see a lesser known passage about Hobab, the son of Moses fatherinlaw. Hobab was hanging out in the Israelite camp, but he decided to go back to his homeland of Midian, rather than staying with Gods people.

During Mosess day, at least some of the Midianites must have worshipped the true God. Mosess fatherinlaw worshipped God, and was a priest. Like the Jews, the Midianites were ancestors of Abraham, and probably had the knowledge of God passed down through the generations.

However, the Midianites didnt always continue to follow God. When we get to the time of the judges, the Midianites start raiding the land of Israel. By leaving Gods chosen people and returning to his home country of Midian, Hobab was setting the wrong example for his descendents, many of them who probably became the enemies of God. Many Midianites worshipped Baal and Asherah.

It makes me wonder, what sort of example we leave for our kids? Are we following God? Do we choose to spend our time going to church and developing friendships with Christians? Do we stay out of church? Our children will probably follow in our footsteps. While we may be saved, if we choose to leave Gods people, like Hobab did, we might tell our kids that its okay to do our own thing and not follow God. Like Hobabs decendents likely did, they may choose not to follow the Lord, and may not find salvation through Jesus as a result.

In Numbers 11, the Israelites are getting tired of eating manna, and start complaining. They fondly reminisce about the vegetables and foods that they were able to eat while they were slaves in Egypt. They want more, and beg Moses for meat.

We shouldnt be so quick to judge the Israelites, because most of us are the same way. Most of us want bigger cars, nicer clothes, and to eat at nice restaurants. When things dont go exactly the way that wed like, we often complain. Many of us, dissatisfied with what we have, turned to credit cards in order to pay for things that we couldnt afford now. What God had provided wasnt enough.

God sent a plague on the ancient Israelites who complained and wanted more. The Lord sent an abundant supply of quail to satisfy the dissatisfied Israelites, and those that succumbed to the temptation ended up dying. The normal amount of manna they ate in a day amounted to one omer Exodus 16:16, but the person that gathered the least amount of quail gathered ten omers a 10 day supply!. The Israelites werent willing to wait until they got to the promised land before they got the meat they desired, they wanted it NOW. Many ended up paying with their lives.

In America, many of miss sixty outlet us are facing a plague, called debt. What God had given us wasnt enough. We werent willing to wait until we could save up to buy that new TV or pay for vacation, we wanted it NOW. Like the ancient Israelites, many of us got what we desired, but almost as soon as we obtain our coveted possession, the credit card debt comes to haunt us, much like the quail flesh became poisonous in the teeth of the Israelites. The mounting debt that our country has racked up has left us in a precarious position today.

Another lesson that we can learn from these Israelites is that God provides. He provided the Israelites with food every day. While he doesnt always provide us with what we want, when we want it, provision always comes. He might leave us thirsty and hungry for a while, but our needs will come.

Moses was often thought of as Gods servant. While he wasnt perfect, he did get to talk to God, much like we would talk to a friend. He led the nation of Israel during trying times, and he is often thought of as someone that we should try to be more like.

One of the things that I noticed about Moses is that he often put others above himself. In Numbers 12, his siblings are complaining about how he married an Ethiopian woman. As a result, God decided to strike Miriam with leprosy. Instead of gloating and telling Miriam that she deserved it, Mosess first thought was to pray for her. God listened to Mosess prayer and healed her.

Moses put others above himself many other times. When the Israelites were going after other gods, and God planned to destroy them and make a great nation out of Mosess children, Mosess first reaction was to pray for them on their behalf.

If we want to be a servant of God like Moses, we need to put others above ourselves as well.

When you study your Bible, sometimes it helps to study the cast of characters in a particular passage, and see what they were up to. Numbers 1012 features a large cast of characters, including the Lord, Moses, the children of Israel, Aaron, and Miriam.

By studying the people in the Bible, you learn more about what they were like. While I was working on this, I noticed the gluttony of the Israelites, in taking 10 days of quail all at once. I encourage you to go through the Bible and look these things up yourself, as it can really help you understand what the Bible is trying to say. miss sixty outlet