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designer shop online ?Snowden responds to critics well, this is one of the options thats always been open to, to go to the unhcr and register as a refugee here. this place was rife with rumors all this afternoon g designer shop online oing round legal circles saying that he

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online stores for women ?The Free Dictionary Language Forums But I dont think I must. And, at the same time, both corporations pay their Russian employees less than their US and EU colleagues. I can imagine plenty of businesses finding a gold mine in Russia and not bothering about fair

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shopping outlet online ?Microsoft launches new Office SEATTLE launched its new Office software on Tuesday, featuring constantly updated, online access to documents from a range of devices as the world largest software company attempts to tailor its most profitable product to a mobile generation. The new Office suite of applications desktop

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womens online store ?Europe credit ratings slashed Standard Poors swept debtridden Europe with punishing credit downgrades yesterday, stripping France of its coveted AAA status and dropping Italy even lower. Germany retain womens online store ed its topnotch rating, but Portugals debt was consigned to junk. In all, S which last year

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designer clothes online shopping ?stocks falls as investors await European Central Bank meeting stocks fell, after the Standard Poor 500 Index jumped the most in a month, as investors awaited a European Central Bank policy meeting tomorrow, offsetting corporate earnings that beat analysts estimates. a yoyo market, Tom Wirth, who helps

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online shopping stores ?Asia stocks jump as US budget deal appears near lawmakers edged toward a deal to stop hundreds of billions of dollars in automatic tax increases and spending cuts from taking effect that could throw the world biggest economy off a socalled fiscal cliff. Senate passed an emergency

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bench outlet ?Euro zone deal lifts stocks Twentysix of the 27 European Union leaders on Friday agreed to pursue stricter budget rules for the single currency area and also to have euro zone states and others provide up to 200 billion euros in bilateral loans to bench outlet the

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online shopping india ?Eric Raskin stocks dipped on Wednesday on worries about the outlook for corporate results despite strong earnings from aluminum company Alcoa Inc. NYSE:AA News ADVERTISEMENT The decline threatened to halt the D online shopping india ow industrials string of eight straight sessions of positive finishes. Citigroup Inc.s NYSE:C

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outlet metzingen ?Tanzania building collapse death toll rises to 30 The death toll from the collapse last week of a building in Tanzanias largest city rose to 30 early today, according to a government agency statement. Rescue workers have given up hope of finding more survivors after the 16storey building in

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cheapest online shopping ?Molina Healthcare Selected to Preliminary Russell 3000 Index Molina Healthcare, Inc. NYSE NYSE See: New York Stock Exchange : MOH See modem on hold. announced today that it has been selected to be included in the preliminary list of companies that will join the Russell 3000R Index.

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Published: Monday 07 October, 2013

men fashion online store men fashion online store ?Obama Gives the GOP What It Hasnt Asked For

The Presidents budget calls for reducing future Social Security payments by using a formula for adjusting for inflation thats stingier than the current one. Its called the chained consumer price index.

Its a bad idea that will unnecessarily hurt the nations seniors.

The White House reasons that when the price of certain goods goes up, consumers typically switch to lowercost substitutes. If the price of steak rises, they switch to hamburger. That means Social Security payments can be reduced by over $100 billion in the next ten years men fashion online store if seniors simply choose less expensive items.

See a collection of political cartoons on the budget and deficit.

But the elderly spend a much larger share of their incomes on healthcare than the rest of us. And when p men fashion online store rices go up on some aspect of healthcare, seniors cant readily switch to cheaper substitutes. If a doctor orders a particular test or procedure, theyre not going to argue.

In addition, the costs of healthcare have been rising faster than inflation. So its likely that Social Securitys current adjustment for inflation already understates the true impact of inflation on seniors. Theres no reason to compound the damage by reducing the inflation adjustment further.

Social Security benefits are already meager for most recipients. The median income of Americans over 65 is under $20,000 a year, and most depend on Social Security for more than half of it. The average Social Security benefit is less than $15,000 a year.

Besides, Social Security hasnt contributed to the federal budget deficit, and its not in serious trouble. The Social Security trust fund is flush for at least two decades.

Check out our editorial cartoons on President Obama.

If we want to ensure its solvency beyond that, we dont need to hurt current or future beneficiaries. A better fix would be to raise the cap on income subject to men fashion online store Social Security taxes, which is now $113,700. Or fully tax the payout for wealthy beneficiaries, who are now taxed on only 85 percent of their benefits.

A chained CPI for Social Security doesnt even make sense as a negotiating strategy. The Republicans havent asked for it. Not even Paul Ryans draconian budget includes it. men fashion online store